Towards the end of 2016 I was fortunate enough to share a lot of the work we did on Gears of War 4 using Houdini through a webinar organized by SideFX. At just under 2 hours there’s a lot of info crammed in. I wanted to cover as much as possible at a higher level because I think the concepts can be applied more broadly. I also dive in and show some specific setups.

In the video I cover:
• Transitioning from Film to Video Games as a Houdini Artist
• Differences between real-time and offline VFX for a Houdini artist
• How to work within the constraints of real-time
• Rigid body destruction – building and optimizing a pipeline (00:09:18)
• Creating velocity fields and flowmaps (00:54:42)
• Creating looping fire sequences (01:11:45)
• Using Houdini to Prototype ideas
• How The Coalition improved their rain system (01:30:00)
• Q&A (01:40:00)